Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Granny Funk @ Ignite the Park 21st August


Mark the evening of Thursday 21st August in your calendar - Granny Funk will be at Ignite the Park in Vic Park!

There'll be a whole bunch of great handmade stallholders and music too in the old Good Sammy's building! Check out the whole event at the Ignite the Park facebook page.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"These Rags Of Light" done at last!

Hey there!

Some of you may remember my post from October 2011 on the FibresWest Conference and "these rags of light" (yikes - longer ago than I thought!). WELLL January seemed like a good finishing-off time and I finally put the finishing touches on it - no more pins or unfinished phrases!

I was inspired by the last verse in the Leonard Cohen song "If It Be Your Will" while I was driving down to Bunbury for the conference. You can see the quote fragment in the second pic below. The verse goes:

And draw us near and bind us tight 
All your children here, in their rags of light 
In our rags of light, all dressed to kill  
And end this night, if it be your will

The dye colour of the main part of the dress comes from Eucalyptus leaves from my own backyard - in fact, it's the tree I used to play in as a kid, so that's pretty special! So pleased to be finished, now to find something to wear it to...

xx Granny Funk.
"These Rags of Light" with its wrap

" these rags of light"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Granny Funk @ Made On The Left Next Sunday!

Great news - Granny Funk's going to be at Made On The Left on Sunday the 29th of July! Come down and sample some of Perth's best handmade wares at this fantastic new venue - the State Theatre Centre, right smack in the middle of town!

Granny's busily whipping up some crochet treats to keep you snug through the winter - the Urban Rhythms range, a new vintage range and some fun kids' stuff - hope to see you there!

You can find more info about the market here - and join the facebook event, too!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Granny Square Cushion Cover...WIP!

Just thought I'd share a little pic of my granny square cushion cover work in progress - class starting this Thursday evening! I'm taking expressions of interest for another class the same so shoot me a message through my contact page if you're keen!
x Granny Funk

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Granny Funk!!!

Granny Funk Is 2!!!

To celebrate, I thought I'd post a few snaps from the highlights of the last couple of years - starting with the very first stall! There'll be a corresponding album up on Granny Funk's facebook page soon, so stay tuned and please tag yourself or your project if you see it!!!

Thanks to all of you who've made it such a fun couple of years so far - creative partners, technical supporters, and most of all happy customers, those of you who've commissioned special pieces and delightful delightful students! It's been great working, teaching and learning with you!

xxXXX!! Granny Funk

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Launch into Urban Rhythms this Winter!


Winter's a-comin in! And now's a perfect time to grab your Urban Rhythms little mitts, a beanie - or why not both! - before the cold weather sets in. City-slick-it in style this winter with quality handmade gear made here in WA from Australian wool processed at one of Australia's few remaining woollen mills!

Here are some pics from our photo shoot - so fun! Photography by the amazing Ailsa Bowyer and modelled by the awesome Bonnie.

Head on over to Granny Funk's Etsy Shop to grab yours (there's a special deal if you buy a set!).

x Granny Funk

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twilight Christmas Market

Well, it's been a bit quiet here over the busy season... but everything's gearing up again now with classes for the year! I thought I'd share a few pics with you from the Twilight Festival of Christmas Market last year - the debut of Granny Funk's new Urban Rhythms range!

Note the teapot in the last picture - here she's a prop for the crocheted heat mats, but keep your eye out, she'll feature in the next post!

xx Granny Funk