Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"These Rags Of Light" done at last!

Hey there!

Some of you may remember my post from October 2011 on the FibresWest Conference and "these rags of light" (yikes - longer ago than I thought!). WELLL January seemed like a good finishing-off time and I finally put the finishing touches on it - no more pins or unfinished phrases!

I was inspired by the last verse in the Leonard Cohen song "If It Be Your Will" while I was driving down to Bunbury for the conference. You can see the quote fragment in the second pic below. The verse goes:

And draw us near and bind us tight 
All your children here, in their rags of light 
In our rags of light, all dressed to kill  
And end this night, if it be your will

The dye colour of the main part of the dress comes from Eucalyptus leaves from my own backyard - in fact, it's the tree I used to play in as a kid, so that's pretty special! So pleased to be finished, now to find something to wear it to...

xx Granny Funk.
"These Rags of Light" with its wrap

" these rags of light"

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