Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You may have noticed....

You may have noticed that Granny Funk has a new look - a restyled version of her previous logo, spruced up and re-funkified by the wonderful Edd Shepherd, to keep up with the ever-changing world around her and all you folk out there who like bright, shiny, pretty things - and because that's just the kind of lady she is.

She hopes you like her new look - and you'll notice too a slogan that "outs" this little doddering lady as a post-industrialist radical. Because Granny Funk believes in handmade textiles and teaching handskills not just because the results are pretty, useful, and high quality (all fantastic reasons!) but also because she wants to contribute to a post-industrial economy in which we make better use of energy, including the energy of our own hands, an economics of justice in which there is no "cheap" labour with its hidden costs to young Asians working in sweatshops for pittance, and an economics of stewardship in which we learn to make use of our local resources to their best capacities. Because efficiency, scale, and gross profit are not synonymous with satisfaction, human autonomy, or joy.

Granny hopes you'll join her on the journey.

xx Granny Funk

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fruits of the Wheel

I thought I'd show you this beautiful yarn spun from a pre-dyed blend of wool and silk tops and crocheted into a beanie in a simple ridge design - and there's Granny's lovely wheel in the background!

This beanie won a Highly Commended in the spinning category in the Kelmscott Annual Show in October - hurrah!

x Granny Funk

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Urban Rhythms Sneak Peek!

As promised, here's a sneak peek at Granny Funk's new range, Urban Rhythms, to be launched in November! They are handmade with lovely Australian wool.

Stay tuned!

x Granny Funk

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FibresWest and "these rags of light"

I was lucky enough to go down to Bunbury for the tri-yearly FibresWest Conference this month to hone my textiles skills at an five-day Eco-Couture course with Charlene O'Brien of Tierra Ecologia. Using mainly silk, wool tops, felting techniques and eucalpytus dye from leaves in my own backyard, over five days I was able to create this amazing piece (excuse the pins - still a work in progress!). It was based on an idea I had from a Leonard Cohen song and is called "these rags of light".

You'll see there's crochet!!!

x Granny Funk

Monday, August 29, 2011

Granny Funk @ Cabin Fever

Granny was pleased to have a fantastic gig at Cabin Fever last Friday - "Beyond the Funk: Crocheting Towards a Post-Industrial World". Thanks to the lovely staff of Cabin Fever and Pigeonhole and those who came along!

Granny gave a presentation about crochet, textile arts and environmental issues and taught eight friendly students to crochet over cuppas and muffins - watch this space and follow Granny's facebook page for more of the same!

x Granny Funk

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Granny Funk Crochet @ Made On The Left Cozy Winter Warmer This Sunday!

Made On The Left's Cozy Winter Market is happening on Sunday the 10th of July in a lovely central location - one40william in Northbridge! Support WA handmade and come find something to keep your head, your hands, your neck or your teapot warm!!!

11am - 5pm
one40william (upstairs - with good pram and disability access)

Hope to see you there!

x Granny Funk

Monday, June 27, 2011

Keeping The Chill Out...

Well the winter weather has set into Perth and Granny's been working on a pair of commissioned "wild and woolly" handwarmers - see below! You'll find more warm-me-up Granny wares at the upcoming Made On The Left Cozy Winter Market on July 1o - flyer to follow!

These are an easy ones to crochet - come along to a beginner's crochet class and learn how!

x Granny Funk.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Natural Dyeing Experiment No. 1!

Inspired by the amazing dye garden project I discovered on the New York Textile Arts Center's website (see it here - certainly worth a look!) I decided it was well time to try my hand at natural dyeing. Thanks to Kim Hall from the EtsyLabs for this video on simple natural dyeing.

I used turmeric on calico, jute twine and my own handspun merino wool - see the process and results below!

x Granny Funk

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Granny Funk in Fashion Journal - the full scoop!

Here's the full interview from Granny Funk's recent feature in Fashion Journal!

FJ: Why do you think arts and crafts, especially crochet, have come back in such a big way?

GFC: It's an interesting thing, isn't it? I think there's a certain element of nostalgia for a lost past, and I think part of that is that we're so saturated with mass-produced, impersonal consumer objects in our culture that people are starting to say, no, I don't want to be an anonymous consumer. There's a desire for personal difference, certainly, but I think the environmental justice movement has also started to bring the question of ethics into the foreground, and people are starting to ask where things are coming from, what it's costing the earth, and who's being exploited in the process. "Ethical consumerism" is part of that counterculture - but making things for ourselves is probably the strongest way of breaking through that sense of alienation, since it allows for both very personal creative expression and a sense of reconnection with the real costs and joys of making something. Crochet is a very tactile and flexible medium, and I think that fits in with the yearning for connection to real things and with a desire for personal artistic voice.

FJ: How did you learn to crochet? What made you want to teach others to crochet?

GFC: Yes, it's cliche but true - my Grandma taught me. My Dad's from the US and we went on a family trip over there when I was twelve, and she taught me the very basics. I think my first ever project was just long chains which I turned into leashes for two toy lions, and I've picked up a few more skills since then!

My background is in sustainability studies, and it really made me rethink the systems of production we rely upon in our economy. I feel really strongly that we need to re-skill in all that's been lost since just a couple of generations ago and start making things for ourselves again. I've always been a very tactile and artistically-driven person so it made sense that my contribution would be to teach people to use their hands to create practical, beautiful things. It's really satisfying to know that a whole bunch of people now have this skill because of you.

FJ: What kinds of people come to your crochet classes?

GFC: So far it's been mostly women, with a small smattering of gutsy men! Professional women from their twenties to early forties has been my most represented group, and that's confirmed my sense that it's this generation that's really trying to reconnect with practical skills. Sometimes the crochet-unconverted ask me if I'm mostly teaching "grannies" - I tell them no, since the grannies already know everything.

FJ: Can you describe the atmosphere at one of your classes?

GFC: Classes are relaxed and fun! I do lots of classes with beginners, and I know it can be intimidating when you start and you're all fingers and thumbs, so there's no pressure! Each group is different and I've met some lovely people while I've been teaching. I enjoy the way groups can create their own little supportive learning cultures. People continually amaze me, too - someone might spend the first lesson really confused and then bring back a whole bag they've made the next week! I also really enjoy the way each person takes the skill and adapts it to their own sense of aesthetics.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Granny Funk's been featured in Fashion Journal with a bunch of her lovely (and good-looking!) students - hurrah!! You can find the feature on page 14 of the online version here and posted below (click the article to enlarge)!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Granny Funk @ Bike Swap Meet

Thanks to those of you who dropped in on Granny Funk at the Bike Swap Meet! It was a fun day with a lovely atmosphere!! Thanks Bike west crew (especially Angelique for some of these pics!!)

x Granny Funk.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crochet Bike Bling @ Bicycle Swap Meet 26 March

Come one, come all to the Bicycle Swap Meet on the 26th of March at Russell Square! It's part of Cycle Instead Bike Week activities (which you can find out more about at, and Granny Funk will be there from 10am -12pm giving a free beginner's crochet workshop to make curly crochet bike streamers and bike tag swatches - do come by!!! Materials supplied!

x Granny Funk