Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FibresWest and "these rags of light"

I was lucky enough to go down to Bunbury for the tri-yearly FibresWest Conference this month to hone my textiles skills at an five-day Eco-Couture course with Charlene O'Brien of Tierra Ecologia. Using mainly silk, wool tops, felting techniques and eucalpytus dye from leaves in my own backyard, over five days I was able to create this amazing piece (excuse the pins - still a work in progress!). It was based on an idea I had from a Leonard Cohen song and is called "these rags of light".

You'll see there's crochet!!!

x Granny Funk


  1. How amazing! This piece looks amazing Megan, I love the combination of silk, crocheted cotton and wool. I think Trudi would be very proud of you... Well done, it is a funky trend!

  2. Thanks Sunchi! How are those crocheted rugs coming along? We should teach a workshop together sometime!