Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You may have noticed....

You may have noticed that Granny Funk has a new look - a restyled version of her previous logo, spruced up and re-funkified by the wonderful Edd Shepherd, to keep up with the ever-changing world around her and all you folk out there who like bright, shiny, pretty things - and because that's just the kind of lady she is.

She hopes you like her new look - and you'll notice too a slogan that "outs" this little doddering lady as a post-industrialist radical. Because Granny Funk believes in handmade textiles and teaching handskills not just because the results are pretty, useful, and high quality (all fantastic reasons!) but also because she wants to contribute to a post-industrial economy in which we make better use of energy, including the energy of our own hands, an economics of justice in which there is no "cheap" labour with its hidden costs to young Asians working in sweatshops for pittance, and an economics of stewardship in which we learn to make use of our local resources to their best capacities. Because efficiency, scale, and gross profit are not synonymous with satisfaction, human autonomy, or joy.

Granny hopes you'll join her on the journey.

xx Granny Funk

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