Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beanies for Woodworkers

I've recently begun learning to work with wood at the Australian School of Fine Wood and have a new appreciation for my army jumper pencil pockets. It is very easy to mislay things at the best of times, and having your pencil attached to your arm is handy. As a tribute to the beautiful surrounds of the Forest Heritage Centre, and in honour of woodworkers and their noble craft, I decided to launch a new range of Forest Heritage Beanies for woodworkers.

As everyone knows, behind-ears are also great places to keep pencils. But if your ears get cold and you need a beanie, it seems unfair that a woodworker should be doomed to pencil misplacement (in the absence of a good army jumper, that is).

Here's an example of the new range that I'm proud of - I've adapted the pencil pocket idea to suit a beanie and I think I've solved the trade-off between cold ears and wandering pencils. If you're ever down in Dwellingup, drop into the beautiful Forest Heritage Centre, check out the designer-maker furniture in the gallery and keep an eye out for Granny Funk's range coming soon to the gift shop!


  1. Why thank you! Now that the hot weather has hit, I'm afraid they'll have to wait until next season.